Fugitive Mallya's big offer to government, wants to pay money to the banks

Vijay Mallya has run a tweet after embezzlement from India. Mallya told the Government of India on Thursday that he is ready to repay the 100 percent amount owed by his companies. The government should take this money from him and close the case against him. Mallya has also congratulated the Government of India on announcing an economic package of 20 lakh crore rupees. Mallya regretted that the government was repeatedly ignoring the proposals to pay his dues.

On this matter, Mallya said in a tweet, 'Congratulations to the government for the Covid-19 relief package. They can print as much cash as they want, but should they ignore a small collaborator like me, who wants to return all the outstanding money from public sector banks. Mallya said that the government should take his money unconditionally and close the case.

Liquor businessman Vijay Mallya has been accused of fraud of about Rs 9,000 crore. Mallya has also been declared a fugitive in India. He is in London for quite some time. Earlier this month, Mallya filed an appeal in the UK Supreme Court against the extradition order in India. Earlier, his petition was rejected in the London Eye Court. Significantly, a London court had ordered the extradition of Mallya to India on charges of non-payment of loan and money laundering.

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