Vijayasai Sai Reddy writes to centre for de-recognition of GITAM’s medical college

Oct 29 2020 06:19 PM
Vijayasai Sai Reddy writes to centre for de-recognition of GITAM’s medical college

After partial demolition of GITAM University of Visakhapatnam for its alleged encroachment of more than 40 acres of Government land, now the YSRCP’s parliamentary party chief Vijay Sai Reddy wrote a four-page letter to the Chairman, National Medical Commission (NMC) for de-reorganization of the Medical college run by the GITAM deemed university

He alleged in the letter that there was a violation of the rules in setting up the university. He said the facts were concealed in the submission of land ownership documents and opined that the GITAM also showed government land ownership in the report given to the University Grand Commission (UGC).

The YSRCP chief that part of the civil department structures along with the pharmacy and mechanical departments were constructed on government land. The letter mentioned that GITAM did not comply with the requirement to disclose details to the public as a deemed to be a university and did not include the documentary evidence in connection with GITAM lands to the concerned authorities.

Similarly, Rajya Sabha member Vijayasai Reddy also wrote a letter to Union Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal on the shortcomings in the GITAM education system. He said that the rules were not followed in the case of study centers set up in Hyderabad and Bangalore. In his letter, told Pokhriyal that GITAM had not enforced the constitutional rule of reservation in job placements and was not following the rules regarding Geetham Distance Education course as a Deemed to Be University.

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