Birthday Special: On his 50th Birthday read 'Bheja Fry' Actor's Special and Funny Character

You must know the actor Vinay Pathak, who is known for his comic timing and superb acting. People know them more than the character of the film 'Bheja Fry'. Today, he is celebrating his 50th birthday on July 12. Vinay, who came from theatre to cinema, played a variety of roles in films, but his image became a different image from films such as 'Bheja Fry' and 'Khosla Ka Ghosla'. This is the occasion we are going to tell you their highlights. Let's look at their birthdays, the memorable roles that people today recognize Vinay Pathak and you will never forget them.

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Khosla's Ghosla was in the role of Vinay Asif Iqbal, a visa agent in the film. The role brought his comedy timing to the fore.

Vinay, who became an income tax officer in the film, laughed at everyone's shock of his songs from his scrapbook.

Apart from his previous roles, Vinay became a gambler gangster in the film. He also received a lot of applause in this role.

Vinay, who became Shah Rukh's best friend in the film, had a lot of praise as Bobby Khosla.

Vinay's role in the film was highly appreciated. In the film, Vinay was in the role of a man who started enjoying life after discovering his medical condition and leaves some gift for all his friends when he dies.

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