Video: To wish teacher on his birthday, student did such a thing that he got punched
Video: To wish teacher on his birthday, student did such a thing that he got punched

Whenever Teacher's Day is celebrated in the school, students actively participate in it. Yes, and there are many programs in the school every day and students tell about the goodness of their teachers. Yes and during this, the classroom is decorated and then as soon as the teachers come to the class, they are welcomed. Recently, something similar happened in a school too, although this celebration became a bit overwhelming for a student. Yes, because he did not know that the unique work done for the teacher's welcome in the school, would be costly for him.



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At the moment, there is a video on social media. Yes, and people are having a lot of fun when this video goes viral. In this video, you can see that many students are sitting in the classroom to welcome the teacher. The classroom is decorated with balloons and small kites. As soon as the teacher comes to the class and sits on the chair in front of the table, people start clapping. During this time, there were some students who had snow spray in their hands. Instead of blowing the spray in the air, the student started hitting the spray on the teacher's mouth and for a few seconds the teacher waited for the student to stop doing this, but when he saw that he started spraying on his mouth, he got up and beat him.

You can see that in the video, the teacher got up from his seat and first grabbed the student's hair and then punched his head down on the back. Yes, and the teacher didn't punch one or two, but several punches. Seeing this, the students present in the classroom also started laughing. The video, which was a few seconds long, went viral on the internet. Now the person watching this video can't stop laughing.

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