“Virality to show his success: DJ Roody's techno goes viral”
“Virality to show his success: DJ Roody's techno goes viral”

Sulabh Bajaj a.k.a Roody Bajaj is an inspirational young DJ who has manifested his dreams into reality and shown how hard work and dedication beat the fears that once pulled us down. While the hardships of life never seem to end, DJ Roody made sure to conquer the world of Deejaying but nothing less than perseverance and faith in oneself.

A versatile Dj, who covers all genres of music including Bollywood music, techno, and trance, Roody got this name as he has always been a strong-headed DJ for whom the music was his way of expression and so no requests were allowed. With his stage name of PhatBass DJ Roody is famous for mixing Techno with Bollywood Samples. The Club Scenes are going nuts over his unique style and the virality of his name as a DJ is proof of that.

Along with his most loved techno tunes, DJ Roody is widely loved for his super-jolly nature and Bollywood remixes, UK bhangra to house, Retro hip hop, and RNB. From being aired on FM stations all over India and Abroad, to being a DJ at most popular clubs and his USP being close Interaction with the crowd and to rocking private parties and PRE wedding functions to the maximum with mainstream Bollywood tunes, Roody has definitely changed the steps of Deejaying.

Being viral all over India surely came after a long way of diligence for him. DJ Roody was just 16years of age when he ran away from his hometown Kanpur to take up his passion for Deejaying. He took his initial training in Deejaying in Mumbai and his dedication and assiduous nature as a  student helped him learn Deejaying in very less time. He performed at high-profile places like J49, Taj Insomnia, Polyesters, Tendulkar, etc.

Society however made him feel that being the son of a stockbroker was the hurdle in his way so he could never be a successful DJ and the only profession for him was stockbroking. Roody’s father has been bedridden for twenty-two years leaving no scope of personal choice for him. Giving in to his family and to social pressure, he moved back to Kanpur. But his clarity of thought and willingness to make his passion into a career, he shifted to Delhi in 2009.

After this, there was no looking back for him. Roody’s Deejaying career has been playing at the most popular and vibrant places like the BLUE FROG DELHI, RESIDENCY AT ROYAL MIRAGE AT SURYA, CAPITOL, F BAR DELHI, QUANTUM, ELEVATES, SHROOMS, SKOOTER, the  GOA – FESTIVAL, WAVE INKONPHANGAN, THAILAND, DRAGON FESTIVALINNEPALKATHMANDU and undoubtedly to top all of this was his performance in IPL 2016/17.

For Roody, the idea is to dance. The music can be anything but it is the connection between the DJ and his audience that makes them move to his beats. Roody explains his life by saying, “Every time there will be a hurdle. It can be social, economic, financial, or even personal, but what we need to remember is the aim. Patience and hard work will get us there. It can take time, but it will happen.” 

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