Visit these countries without Visa or get visa on arrival

Oct 04 2018 07:31 PM
Visit these countries without Visa or get visa on arrival

Travelling abroad is always a very awesome experience as it allows us to experience something which is different from our native country. We all want to travel our dream country but the biggest hurdle in doing this is ‘Visa’. It is not easy to get the visa of few countries which turns down your plan to travel abroad but you would like to know that there are few countries which do not need Visa need to tarvel.

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Very few people will have an idea that there are many countries on the map of the world, where the tourists cab take the benefit of of visa on arrival facility. Under which you have to buy the  air tick of that country. By doing this, you will get a hands-on visas i.e. Visa on Arrival at the airport.

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Countries which do not need Visa

Cambodia , Cape Verde ,Comoros , Ecuador ,Ethiopia, Fiji, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Laos, Madagascar Maldives , Mauritius, Palau, Thailand , Tuvalu and Uganda.

Countries which deliver Visa on arrival

Bhutan, British Virgin Islands, Cook Islands, Dominican, El Salvador, Grenada, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Micronesia,Nepal, Neue St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Smao Seychelles,Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos and Vnuatu

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