Visit these famous Sun temples on the occasion of Chhath Puja, know where they are located
Visit these famous Sun temples on the occasion of Chhath Puja, know where they are located

Chhath Puja, a vibrant Hindu festival dedicated to the worship of the Sun God, is around the corner. Devotees express their gratitude to the sun for sustaining life on Earth through elaborate rituals and prayers. As the festival approaches, let's embark on a virtual tour to some of the famous Sun temples where Chhath Puja is celebrated with fervor.

1. Konark Sun Temple, Odisha - A Marvel in Stone

The Konark Sun Temple, situated in Odisha, stands as a testament to architectural brilliance. Built in the 13th century, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is designed in the shape of a colossal chariot with intricately carved wheels and pillars.

1.1 Rituals at Konark

Devotees flock to Konark to witness the mesmerizing sunrise and offer prayers during Chhath Puja. The temple premises resonate with hymns and chants, creating an aura of spiritual bliss.

2. Deo Sun Temple, Bihar - Where Tradition Meets Devotion

In Bihar, the Deo Sun Temple is a sacred destination for Chhath Puja celebrations. This ancient temple is dedicated to the Sun God and is surrounded by lush greenery, providing a serene setting for the festivities.

2.1 Chhath Puja Traditions at Deo

The rituals at Deo Sun Temple involve a deep connection with nature. Devotees, amidst the rustling leaves and chirping birds, perform their rituals with utmost devotion.

3. Martand Sun Temple, Jammu & Kashmir - Amidst Snow-Capped Peaks

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Jammu & Kashmir, the Martand Sun Temple is an architectural marvel from the 8th century. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, it offers a unique Chhath Puja experience.

3.1 Chhath Puja Amidst Snow

Celebrating Chhath Puja at Martand is a surreal experience. Devotees brave the cold to offer prayers against the backdrop of the pristine Himalayas.

4. Galtaji Temple, Rajasthan - A Unique Blend of Spirituality and Wildlife

Known for its natural springs and monkey population, Galtaji Temple in Rajasthan becomes a hub of Chhath Puja celebrations. The temple's unique setting adds a distinctive flavor to the festivities.

4.1 Wildlife Encounters during Chhath

Devotees at Galtaji experience a unique communion with nature as monkeys roam freely during Chhath Puja, creating an atmosphere of joy and spirituality.

5. Sunrise at Ganga Ghats, Varanasi - A Spiritual Extravaganza

While not a temple, the Ganga Ghats in Varanasi host an incredible Chhath Puja spectacle. Devotees throng the ghats to offer prayers during sunrise, creating a breathtaking panorama of spirituality.

5.1 Ganga Aarti During Chhath

Chhath Puja at Varanasi's Ganga Ghats is incomplete without the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti. The rhythmic chants and the flickering lamps create a divine ambiance.

Embracing the Divine Energy

As Chhath Puja approaches, these Sun temples beckon devotees to immerse themselves in the divine energy of the Sun God. Each location offers a unique blend of spirituality, tradition, and natural beauty, making the celebration of Chhath Puja an unforgettable experience.

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