Vivek Oberoi's Career Ruined Due to Salman Khan, Then This Actor Nurtured
Vivek Oberoi's Career Ruined Due to Salman Khan, Then This Actor Nurtured

Vivek Oberoi, a renowned actor in Bollywood films, is considered an excellent performer. However, there was a time when he faced severe setbacks in his career. He struggled to find work, and during difficult times, Vivek was shattered. He was under immense stress. It was during such challenging times that Bollywood star Akshay Kumar extended his support.

In an interview, Vivek recalled, "Akshay called me when my career was in shambles. I told him how troubled I was." Upon hearing Vivek's distress, Akshay promptly visited him within half an hour. Vivek revealed that the industry had boycotted him, and Akshay listened to his pain and showed him the way forward.

In his own words, Vivek said, "Akshay asked me what was going on in my life. He patiently heard my problems and said, 'I can help you with a positive mindset.' Many shows were running, and I was busy shooting. So, I couldn't take up those shows. From that moment, whenever such opportunities came my way, I passed them to you; you take them."

Vivek expressed gratitude for Akshay's support, which brought him financial stability and love. He was deeply moved by Akshay's gesture. Additionally, Vivek considered Hrithik Roshan his friend, who helped him secure a role in the film "Krrish 3". He also praised Shah Rukh Khan.

It's worth mentioning that Salman Khan has been blamed for ruining Vivek Oberoi's career due to his relationship with Aishwarya Rai and the serious allegations he made against Salman. Vivek also stated that Salman had threatened to kill him, and confronting Salman had dire consequences, leading to a boycott in the industry. Vivek's career was completely ruined. However, now he is gradually making a comeback.

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