Volvo Cars plan to use latest gaming technology to develop safer cars

Nov 22 2020 04:04 PM
Volvo Cars plan to use latest gaming technology to develop safer cars

Volvo Cars' mixed-reality simulator is soon gonna use the latest gaming technology to acknowledge new insights into safety and autonomous driving technology.

This mixed-reality driving simulator's setup involves a moving driving seat, a steering wheel with haptic feedback, and a crystal-clear virtual reality headset. This setup as a whole is something that a gaming enthusiast would be excited about. The simulator makes it hard to differentiate between reality and simulation. The driving feels like a real car on real roads, combining life-like, high definition 3D graphics, an augmented reality headset, and a full-body Teslasuit. The examination and insights on the interaction between people and the car are crucial for the development of any new feature. The engineers using the simulators could be exposed to imaginary active safety and driver assistance features, upcoming autonomous drive user interfaces, future car models, and various other scenarios that are fully customizable. Now the company has expanded that collaboration to include a real-time 3D development platform.

Nevertheless, testing these systems in reality could be dangerous, time-consuming, and expensive. Hence, virtual and mixed reality simulations make for safe testing environments.

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