Giant Automakers file suit to block Massachusetts vehicle data initiative

Nov 22 2020 03:49 PM
Giant Automakers file suit to block Massachusetts vehicle data initiative

Major auto groups General Motors Co, Toyota Motor Corp, Volkswagen AG, and other files suit on Friday to block a Massachusetts state poll initiative that dramatically seeks to expand access to vehicle data. Voters in Massachusetts are approving the initiative to improve the state's 2013 "Right to Repair" law by this month.

The automakers require to provide access to mechanical and electronic repair data and support independent shops to repair increasingly advanced technology.  The court battle may help to determine who should control the $390 billion U.S. auto data aftermarket in the digital age. Unique advancements in modern vehicles and crash avoidance systems ought to prompt many automakers to limit their information and warranties to only parts and repairs from authorized dealers. They hold such data that is complex and sensitive, and the content is used to repair modern cars requires extensive training by those with proprietary technology. They are also concerned by automakers increasingly pushing for wireless repair data transfers, which will limit third-party access.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in July the measure "requires vehicle manufacturers to redesign their vehicles in a manner that necessarily introduces cybersecurity risks, and to do so in a timeframe that makes the design, proof, and implementation of any meaningful countermeasure effectively impossible."

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