VP Naidu suggests Music, Dance to get relief from COVID 19 anxiety

Vice President of India who has battled the deadly coronavirus suggests music and dance can provide relief from the anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. VP was launching the virtual festival of 'Parampara Series 2020-National Festival of Music and Dance' organised by Natya Tarangini in partnership with the United Nations. He said that music and dance rejuvenate and energise people and make their lives more fulfilling during the launch. 

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VP has said that music and dance brings harmony into our lives and nourish our inner spirit by dispelling dimness and stress. The normal life has been disrupted by lockdowns, economic downturns and lack of social interaction due to the pandemic. He said no other time than this dark filled by COVID 19 is better for holding the dance and music festival. The theatres and auditoriums are shut for the last few months highly affecting the performing arts industry. He wanted the artists and institutions to leverage technology and find new avenues to propagate and preserve the tradition. 

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World Day for Audio-Visual Heritage was conducted on Tuesday and the music festival was organised to coincide with it. VP has referred Samaveda and Bharatamuni's Natyashastra, and felt pride saying India has a glorious tradition of music and dance. India's diverse art forms of dance, music, and drama represent our common civilisational philosophy and values like harmony, unity and solidarity, VP said with pride. 

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