Wajid Khan was worried during the last conversation with Mika Singh

Jun 01 2020 12:46 PM
Wajid Khan was worried during the last conversation with Mika Singh

People are tweeting one after another about the late music composer Wajid Khan. Everyone is shocked by his death. A few days before his death, Mika Singh spoke to him for the last time. He had hoped for his recovery soon. Now the audio of the conversation has come out, in which Wajid is asking Mika again and again in a painful voice. 42-year-old Wajid of Sajid-Wajid duo died in a hospital in Mumbai late on Sunday and he was suffering from kidney problem.



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Recently entertainment website PeepingMoon has shared the audio of the conversation between Music Composer and Singer. In this, Wajid is saying, "Thank you very much, Mika Bhai. Reading your message, my heart is comforted Inshallah I'll be fine. " It is clear from Wajid's audio that even after the operation, he was worried about his health.

He said, "The operation is done. Pray that your brother will stand up again, Together Inshallah. Just remember in prayer. Thank you, Love, Concern, Support. Thank you very much. Just pray for me. Thank you very much, my brother. " Recently, Mika said in a conversation with a website, "I am not sure what caused the death.  I will try to go to the funeral. Since then I have not been able to go to meet him. " Mika further said that, "It is very sad that the thought of going to meet him remained in mind. It is a big shock to our industry."

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