Wamiqa Gabbi open up about her overall 'Jubilee
Wamiqa Gabbi open up about her overall 'Jubilee" experience as 'Niloufer'

Currently, Wamiqa Gabbi is busy receiving praise for her role in the online series Jubilee. The series recently began streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and its response has been fantastic.

Vikramaditya Motwane's Jubilee has managed to stand out among the glut of OTT programming. It revived memories of the heyday and the renowned Bombay Talkies. The lead cast of the program is adored and has garnered praise from all quarters. Wamiqa Gabbi, who plays the part of Niloufer, has earned praise for her skillful acting. The actress opened up to us in a recent interview about the program, casting, her influences, and other topics.


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She stated  I watched a lot of music and films from the 40s and 50s, primarily songs, to prepare for the in-film songs and sequences. But because my character is from Lucknow, travels to Bombay, and has a unique trip, it was more important for her to comprehend anyone from that time period. Since I didn't specifically have a reference for Niloufer's character, I just comprehended what was going on in the world in the 1940s and 1950s, especially in her life, and I correspondingly made preparations. Exploring Niloufer was enjoyable since she is a charming character.

 I am an actress because I get to live someone else's life, Wamiqa continues. I must thus embrace all of its consequences. Whether it is something lovely or something tragic, I must accept it with the same warmth and love. The same is true with my characters; if they are experiencing something lovely and joyful and are happy, I am also quite pleased. But if the character is depressed or going through a difficult situation, I will accept it also and feel sympathy for them. I believe it also depends on your personality and how you handle challenges. I deal with the issues that my fictional characters face since I am aware that I am experiencing mine without suffering any repercussions. So, trying to play them and live their lives is simply too much. I want to experience the journey of my character, not just do something to make myself happy and dance. So, it doesn't cognitively tax me, but I'm confident that every one of my characters has taught me something, and I take that from them.

The reaction has been fantastic. By this point, everyone is aware of how much the series is beloved, and the amount of praise that has been given to its cinematography, director, and music is just overwhelming. 

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