Want to do love marriage? These tips will help you to convince your family members fast

Mar 11 2019 04:12 PM
Want to do love marriage? These tips will help you to convince your family members fast

In India Even today, children can not do any work without the permission of their families as India is known for its rituals and cultures. Before doing anything, they have to get permission from their own families and they have to persuade them to agree to their work. Even when it comes to marriage, even today, in a country like India, it is considered to be a very big thing to marry with own choice. Every parent wants the child to marry only the boy or girl of his choice. By doing so, they feel very proud.

But the trouble comes for those who want to get Love marriage. So today, we will tell you about some of the essential things, if you take care of them and meet your parents with your partner, then the path to merge your love will be a little easier.
 Share with your close once

Let us first tell that you must share about your partner with the members of the house who are very close to you as well as understand your mind. In this case, you can talk to your cousin, brother, sister-in-law, those you can talk to your mind, then after talking to your family members like your parents, it will be easy to do so. Because those people with you will also support this.

Make friends

One thing that is most important to keep is that your partner should not be introduced directly as your girlfriend or boyfriend. First Introduce as friend to your family members and Whenever your family planning for outing  try to take your lover along with them. Made a in between talk with the family people about them. Also, tell your partner's habits and likes and dislikes to your partner so that when they are together they should not do anything that is not good for the house.

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Be patient

Many times it happens at home that  for the first time the family does not listen to you and not ready for marriage, but instead of being panicky in such treatment, you should be patient and give some time to your home so that They can think again.

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