Wants to make UPI payments without an internet connection, Here's how

Did you know that you don't always need an internet connection to make UPI payments? Many times, a UPI user may tackle UPI payments is hampered by sluggish internet, which causes the process to be interrupted. However, there is also an offline mode for making UPI payments.

UPI users may make payments using their phones in offline mode by dialling the *99# USSD code. One thing to keep in mind is that in order to make UPI payments through mobile via *99#, users' cell numbers must be linked to their bank accounts.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to do UPI payments in offline mode:

- Open your phone's dialer and call *99#

- Then a message will come asking to select language, select your preferred language if you want English, press 1

- Then a menu will appear with many options. As we only need to send money, press 1 and send

- Now, select the option through which you want to pay money using UPI to the receiver. If you want to do it using a mobile number, select option 1

- After this, enter the mobile number with which the receiver's bank account is linked

- Now write the amount you want to send and press send and write a remark about the payment

- For the final step, enter your UPI PIN 

After this, your transaction will be completed that too without an internet connection.

You can also disable your UPI using the *99# option.

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