Waqar Ahmed - A Well-Known Entrepreneur on a Global Scale.
Waqar Ahmed - A Well-Known Entrepreneur on a Global Scale.

Some will tell you that you can't make a difference in the world and will scare you into failure, while others will motivate and urge you to achieve your goals.

Few people choose to pursue a career in business. Few people succeed in pursuing this path. Why? Because this isn't going to be a fun trip. The most effective method for achieving inventive success is fraught with stumbling blocks and missteps. Few people have the motivation and dedication to persevere through all of life's challenges and setbacks. Those who don't give up after a setback and keep working hard are the "success stories" we hear about.

The story of this young entrepreneur is awe-inspiring. Waqar Ahmed, a young Pakistani teenager who appeared to be as moderate as you and me, but who was less controlled and advancing in academics, and who was desperate to venture down an uncharted route.

Waqar Ahmed was driven by a desire to pursue something unknown to him. There were no lectures or courses offered for digital marketing back then.He was able to achieve such incredible levels of success at such a young age, when most people are preoccupied with their personal interests, but Waqar Ahmed is focused on his long-term goals.

When Waqar Ahmed attained his first milestone, he was only 12 years old. At such a young age, earning 9 thousand Rupees from his so-called "online hobby" was a fantastic deal, but it wasn't enough to impress and drive those around him.

Struggles accelerate the ageing of the mind, and Waqar Ahmed was always juggling his studies with his passion. He was pleased with his maturity and goals by the time he reached the 12th grade. Waqar Ahmed dropped out of school to pursue his dreams, despite receiving harsh criticism that he would never be able to succeed.

His ideas were based solely on his abilities and passion. On his way to becoming a digital marketer, he was on the right track. He overcame several challenges on his way to success, but Waqar refused to compromise on his ambitions.

You can't join the dots looking backward; you can only connect them looking forward, according to Waqar Ahmed. As a result, you must have faith that the dots will join in the future. You must trust your gut, destiny, life, or whatever it is that you believe in. The small kid had grown into a young man and had encountered numerous scenarios. One of the most fateful meetings he had was with people who had chastised him for his goals but needed his knowledge.

Waqar Ahmed met Divesh Gupta online in 2020 on a Facebook group made for like-minded young entrepreneurs.  They connected instantly, shared their ideologies and discovered their passion for digital marketing were quite similar. After sometime they planned to establish a digital marketing company. In 2021 the duo founded Neusul Digital after making a series of leaps of faith. Their company is now one of the highest paid digital marketing firms in the industry. In the battle of the worthy, capability is your most powerful weapon. A young man whose potential was misunderstood as a recreational activity learned this better than others.

In the near future Waqar Ahmed and Divesh Gupta are planning to establish Neusul Digital in other regions to assist all those in need who deserve it, and he is hopeful in this regard.

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