Wardrobe Basics: Be the Stylish you!

 We have always had those days when we wished we had more clothes or is it all the time? Or we have always wanted to dress “according to the trend”, however, it isn’t unless you are ‘I can afford anything’ rich, or you have stylists running around you (again you will have to be rich for that). 


Many wonder if they have got a good dressing sense, and if they don’t how can they just DO IT RIGHT? Worry not, with getting these wardrobe basics you just can not go wrong. 


It doesn’t matter whether you are reconstructing your whole wardrobe, or just want to step up your styling game, we’ve got you! So let’s dive right into it.


Black Tank Top: We all know, that black is a color you can style with anything and it will go, wear it beneath a denim jacket, or a long coat, it will look stylish regardless. Or wear it with a bell bottom, relaxed denim, or even a skirt, you just can not go wrong. A black tank top is a must-have. 


Relaxed Denim: Sweatpants are fine but denim not only looks classy but last longer too. Get a high-waist, straight-legged denim, style with a variety of tops and you will slay every look. 


Athletic Sweatshirt: Get one that looks classy, it will be comfy at home, and in public too. 


Leather Blazer: A blazer brings a sophisticated look, get one with trimmed edges, it will not only help with going on formal occasions but also on informal occasions. 


Black Leggings: Whether it is for working out, or to casually wear at home, a pair of leggings will just go. You can also wear it on oversized t-shirts, or sweatshirts. 


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