When filmmaker told Priyanka Chopra on sets- 'Take off underwear'

Priyanka Chopra, who made her name in Bollywood, has become a mother today, though no information has been revealed so far about who is the little baby either a boy or a girl in her house. Priyanka, on the other hand, is receiving congratulations from all sides. Now many of Priyanka's stories are going viral amidst all this. One such story is shocking. The story dates down to the time when the filmmaker asked her to take off her underwear on the sets'. Yes, the story was revealed by Priyanka herself in an interview.

She had said, "In the early stages of Bollywood, she was asked by a filmmaker to take off her underwear for a sexy and hot dance performance on the film set. Yes, however, Priyanka Chopra has not named the filmmaker and the film in her interview. But Priyanka said she had refused to do the film the very next day after the incident.'' The actress further said, "I still regret to this why I did not say anything against the filmmaker at that time, why didn't I take any action. But I was very scared at that time.''

When asked how she dared to take a stand for herself now, Priyanka Chopra said, 'Over time, I have the courage to stand up and raise my voice for myself. Which my parents have always given me.' Priyanka further said on the filmmaker's misbehaviour, 'My regret for that incident is that I have never said anything to that filmmaker. I was so scared because I was new to this entertainment business. And girls are always told that girls don't do hard work to get respect and admiration. But I had to work, so, I worked within the system. But it is my regret that I never went to him (filmmaker) and told him how wrong he was. I was very scared. But there was only one way, to distance and I knew how to deal with it and that's what I did.' Priyanka is a global star today and is busy shooting many films these days.

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