Watch cryptocurrency today: Market Bearish as Bitcoin, Ethereum fall

The global crypto market capitalization has dropped 2.16 percent to USD2.21 trillion over the last 24 hours,. Bitcoin, which is presently priced at USD47,743.70, has lost 0.23 percent of its market domination in the last day, putting it at 40.77 percent.

Over the last 24 hours, overall cryptocurrency trade volume fell by 22.92 percent to USD89.44 billion. Stablecoins (USD70.06 billion) accounted for 78.33 percent of the crypto market's 24-hour market volume, while DeFi (USD11.55 billion) contributed for 12.91 percent of overall crypto volume.

In terms of major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin fell by 1.6 percent to Rs 38,13,924, while Ethereum (Rs 3,17,117) fell by 0.53 percent. Cardano (Rs 99.97) lost 3.2 percent of its value. Over the last 24 hours, Avalanche (Rs 8,151.60) has lost 2.53 percent, Polkadot (Rs 2,067.54) has lost 3.33 percent, and Litecoin (Rs 11,900.11) has lost 2.31 percent.

Memecoin SHIB fell 1.97 percent to Rs 13.95, while DOGE dropped 2.8 percent to Rs 13.95. Bitcoin is currently trading at Rs 38,13,924, whereas LUNA is currently trading at Rs 5,139.93, up 4.45 percent.

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