Watch, “Hum Bewakoof Hai”, Bigg Boss lashes out at a contestant for smoking openly
Watch, “Hum Bewakoof Hai”, Bigg Boss lashes out at a contestant for smoking openly

One of the most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss 16 filmmaker, Sajid Khan is making headlines. Sajid Khan was accused by 9 women at the time of Me Too movement. After this various people criticized  Salman Khan and the Bigg Boss. Now in the latest episode Fans caught Sajid Khan smoking which left them in disappointed.

In the video, Sajid Khan was seen openly smoking in the garden area, which enraged the audience. As soon as it catches the eyes of people they started commenting on it. One user wrote, “Sajid was smoking openly again today, and then he went in to become the captain!! waaaah! Hypocrisy ki bhi koi seema hoti hai Bigg Boss (There’s a limit to hypocrisy).” Another wrote, “Why is Sajid smoking outside smoking room even after yesterday what BB told them off? He's literally the so openly favoured on the show.”

In the new promo, Bigg Boss lashes out at contestant.  A masked man will enter the house carrying a large wooden board that reads 'Hum bewakoof hai (we are idiots)" in Hindi. He will nail the board to the smoking room wall as the contestants watch from a distance.



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In the promo he says, “Aap jaise heroes ho toh villains ki zaroorat hi kya hai. Mubarak ho, Bigg Boss ke itihaas mein, aapki meherbani se aaj hum is show ko (With heroes like you, who needs villains. Congratulations. First time in the history of Bigg Boss, thanks to you) …,” he says before the voice cuts off. “Aap sabko garv mehsoos ho raha hoga kyuki sharm toh aap mein se kisi ko bhi nahi aati hai (You must feel so proud because all of you are shameless),”.

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