4 Useful hacks to keep your refrigerator organised

Apr 17 2018 07:45 PM
4 Useful hacks to keep your refrigerator organised

The fridge is the ultimate storage of perishable food items. There are many ingredients which we store in this cool elmira. Every time when we come from a glossary shopping store we store all the veggies or liquid-based items in the refrigerator. But cleaning of the fridge gets tedious at times. So here are some of the easy hacks for you to clean your cool storage quickly.

Use Cling Films
It gets really tiring to clean those obstinate stains on the shelves of the fridge. They occur every now and then due to spilled milk, gravies etc. So for this, all you have to do is to cover the shelves with cling films or plastic wraps. So, if next time anything of this sort happens peel, remove and throw it in the bin.

'Eat Me First' Box Is A Must
We often end up storing remaining food items in the fridge. And many times forget to consume them on the next day. So for this 'Eat Me First' box can come as a great help. In order to avoid wastage, label a storage box as 'Eat Me First,' and stuff it with things that you feel have a shorter shelf life.

Drawer Dividers
Drawer divider will make your work easy. It will limit the usage of the place in a fridge with more efficiency.

Make Use Of Storage Boxes
In order to have organized refrigerators use storage box for the desired item. You can use them for storing veggies, fruits etc.

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