Girl shot herself in Vagina, now shocking story emerges

Nowadays, there are many shocking cases. Sometimes, after knowing about these cases, we all lose consciousness. Now, even after knowing the matter that has come to light, you will lose consciousness. In fact, in this case, a model has done a shocking job. In fact, this incident took place in Georgia, where during the video recording, an incident took place which became the talk of the town.

In fact, here, Lauren Hunter Daman was recording videos inside the house, but in the meantime, she had a gun in her hand. According to a report on a famous website, the gun caught fire by mistake while recording and the bullet hit the model's vagina. Now, in this case, the police say that the incident took place on 9th November. Police rushed to the spot after firing in the case and then lost their senses when they saw what the police saw there. There was blood on the floor, while on the other hand, the model was in pain. The model was reportedly fired by mistake in the case.

The model's name is 27-year-old Lauren Hunter Daman. She is said to have been alone inside her bedroom when the 9mm gun fired. Jordan Allen, who lives there, says he has a gun. As soon as he heard the gunshot, he ran towards the bedroom. They saw blood lying on the floor and the model lying nearby was screaming in pain and apologising for accidentally firing. The model was admitted to the hospital. The entire matter has been termed as negligence by the authorities and they say they are investigating.

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