People make ash soup after cremation and drink it, Reason will blow the senses

There are many shocking rules and traditions around the world that are surprising to learn about. You will lose consciousness after hearing about the place we are going to tell you about today. In fact, Yanomami, a tribe in South America, is a tribe that makes and drinks ash soup after a person dies. You may not be sure to hear it, but it's true. Reports suggest that these tribes also eat the meat of their deceased family. Now we know what is the reason behind them doing so and what rules do they follow after a person dies?

The tribe we are currently talking about is a tribe in South America called Yanomami. The tribe is also known as Yanum or Senema and is also found in parts of Venezuela and Brazil. In fact, this tribal tribe is very different from western civilization and is living by following the rules of its culture. It only follows the rules of your culture. This tribe has a strange tradition, similar to cannibalism, called endocanibelism. It is said that in this tradition this tribe people eat the meat of the deceased person of their own family.

According to a report on a well-known website, when a person dies, he is first covered with leaves, etc., and then the remaining body is burnt. Most of the bones are burnt and the flesh of the body is eaten. The bones are then burnt and the ash that is left after the burn is also eaten by these people. According to the tradition followed here, these people put the ash in a soup-like substance made from bananas, and the family members of the deceased drink the ash-mixed soup.

In fact, the Yanomami tribe does this to the body of the deceased because they believe that the soul of the body should be protected after death. The soul finds peace only when the last part of the body is eaten by its relatives.

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