Toothbrush found in person's abdomen, know the whole case

Sep 24 2020 04:54 PM
Toothbrush found in person's abdomen, know the whole case

There has been a case from Passighat in Arunachal Pradesh which will shock you. In fact, doctors have removed a toothbrush from a person's abdomen. It seems odd to hear what the toothbrush used to clean the teeth was doing in the abdomen of this person. In fact, the person was cleaning his teeth with a toothbrush and accidentally slipped the brush with his hands and swallowed it.

After swallowing the same brush, the bewildered person told his home about the incident and reached the family as well as the doctors ' clinics. Keeping in mind the health of the person, he was taken to Beckin Pertin General Hospital. Where the doctors made an X-ray of his neck, the brush did not appear in his neck. Thereafter, the doctors decided to test his abdomen and  found it there.

Finally, after the laparotomy test, the 39-year-old man got a brush in his abdomen. The doctor promptly underwent a small surgery in his abdomen, which took about 30-35 minutes. The doctors said that it took 30 to 35 minutes to operate the patient and the toothbrush was removed from his abdomen. His health is very good and he has been discharged after surgery. At the same time, the incident has shocked everyone.

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