Trip to this castle in Romania: Bran Dracula Castle

There are many historic and beautiful places to visit around the world. Even today, there are palaces and forts of old kings and emperors in the world, which are so beautiful to see, that there is a crowd of tourists to see them. If you also like to roam around in historical places. So today we are going to tell you about a castle in Romania, whose history is many years old. By the way, Romania is a very beautiful country, and beautiful views here can fascinate anyone. But tourists come from abroad to see the old castle.

This castle is present in the city of Brasso in the country of Romania. Bran Dracula Castle is built between the Piatra Craiului Mountains, this castle is surrounded by mountains and greenery. From this castle, you can view the entire city of Brasso. Famous all over the world and people living in Bran were built many years ago to avoid the invasion of Ottomans and Tatars. People here believe that this castle is home to the real Dracula. And for this reason, people were very much afraid to come here in the earlier times, but the Government of Romania changed this castle into a Museum in 1947, and since then tourists from far and wide started to see this castle.

This cassette looks very beautiful from the outside, and its view is also very beautiful from the inside. Within this, you will get all kinds of amenities. From November to March, snow remains frozen above this year. Because of which it becomes even more beautiful to watch.

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