What software ATMAN does use to trace COVID?

When is National Technology Day celebrated?

A. May 11
B. May 10
C. May 9
D. May 12
Ans. A

Which indigenous aircraft was first tested in Bangalore in 1998?

A. Trishul
B. Hansa 3
C. Smiling Buddha
D. None of these
Ans. B 

When was the first nuclear test conducted in India?

A. May 1974
B. May 1984
C. May 1991
D. May 1982
Ans. A 

What is the theme of National Technology Day 2021?

A. Rebooting the Economy through Science, Technology and Research Translations
B. Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future
C. Technology for inclusive and sustainable growth
D. None of these
Ans. B

Which famous personality has recently admitted to being affected by Asperger's Syndrome in a talk show?

A. Bill Gates
B. Jeff Bezos
C. Elon Musk
D. Tom Cruise
Ans. C

What type of disorder is Asperger's syndrome?

A. Neurological disorder (neurological disorder)
B. Bone disorders (bone disorders)
C. Genetic disorder (genetic disorder)
D. None of these
Ans. A

Which of the following is a symptom of Asperger's Syndrome?

A. Difficulty with social interaction
B. Showing repetitive behavior
C. Focus on rules and routine
D. All of the above
Ans. D

8. What does the software  ATMAN  use to detect COVID?

A. Infrared scan
B. Chest X Rays
C. Angiography
D. Chest CT Scan
Ans. B

Where did the concept of judicial activism first originate?

A. England (England)
B. Australia (Australia)
C. France (France)
D. United States of America (USA) 
Ans. D

Which case defined that the abridgement of fundamental rights in India and nothing more can be extended to it?

A. Kesvanand Bharti case
B. Shah Bano Case
C. Golak Nath case (Golakh Nath case)
D. None of these
Ans. C

Which country will be the most populous country by 2027?

Global Health is at risk: UN Sec-General warns at Stockholm+50

Who was the first Tirthankar of the Jains?

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