What to do on the condition of not feeling good while traveling in the airplane?

Aug 30 2017 11:25 PM
What to do on the condition of not feeling good while traveling in the airplane?

People often feel not good while traveling in the plane. Many times, due to bad weather due to plane or technical failure, the plane flies in the air due to which many people are scared and make panic. In such a situation, there will be nothing to do with panic.

Greater than you pay attention to the plane's members and pay attention to how they are behaving in such a situation. Today we are telling you what you should take special care during the flight.

1. If you are scared in the plane then first take a middle seat in the plane, because in comparison to the window seat, you feel less afraid of the middle seat.

2. To make air travel memorable, you can take some interesting books with you. Sit in a plane and watch a fun movie or listen to songs. This will not only entertain you but will also divert your attention from fear.

3. Often, when traveling in the plane some people start feeling like vomiting, so take a bag with a water proof quality (waterproof paperbag). Although you may not need it, you should have all the accessories you need.

4. Take a soft blankets and pillows and take cover with eye cover and earplugs so that you will feel relaxed even during travel.

5. Exercise breathing when you are in trouble - breathe in 4 seconds and try to leave it out in 8 seconds.

6. Due to the failure of the flight, keep your feet flowing through the floor to avoid shock waves. This will lessen the shock of vibrations.

7. Do not take any kind of stress but think positively. 

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