How will Israel-UAE agreement affect India and Pakistan?

Aug 15 2020 09:39 AM
How will Israel-UAE agreement affect India and Pakistan?

Jerusalem: America has played an important role in the peace agreement reached between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. This agreement is being called historic on the global stage. It is being told that a new path is going to come out in the future, which can bring a new dawn for this entire region as well as the Arab world. To know the answers to all these questions, what the agreement means for India and Pakistan and how it will affect future politics, the media has closely monitored West Asia politics at the Center for West Asian Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University Professor AK has spoken to Pasha.

Professor Pasha considers this agreement as ego, but not historical. This is because in his opinion, 4 (1979, 1983 1994, 1993) agreements that Israel had made earlier were also called historical, but even after those agreements, there was no such thing as peace in this entire region. All these agreements were with different countries of the region. In his opinion, this agreement has been made in view of the growing power of Iran. Both the UAE and Israel are opposing Iran's nuclear program. Both countries do not want to increase their military capacity, so that the crisis of instability will increase in this entire region. In such a situation, Israel is needed to stop Iran's growing steps.

Israel is currently representing the US as well. In this agreement, American President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was in an important role. Professor Pasha admits that at present both UAE and Saudi Arabia are angry with Pakistan, but after this agreement, Pakistan will also compromise Israel in future. As far as Hindustan is concerned, both Israel and the United Arab Emirates are very close to India. In such a situation, the issue of Kashmir may end forever in the OIC, the organization of Islamic countries.

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