Israeli spyware is spying on Indians
Israeli spyware is spying on Indians

A long time ago, we gave you information about a spyware named Pegasus created by an Israeli agency. At that time, it was reported that through this, reporters and activists were targeted. Now WhatsApp has released that this spyware was active in India and used to spy on the people here.

WhatsApp has told Indian Express that Indian journalists and human right activists were the targets of this espionage. As far as the company has not told how many Indian people have been spied through this spyware, because no ordinary person can use Pegasus and it has been built by the NSO Group for governments. A big question is also that who used it to spy on Indian journalists and human right activists? Or who gave permission for its use?

This spyware named Pegasus has been in India for a long time and people have been spied on it from time to time. Israel's NSO Group has designed it for publicity, that is, when needed it can be spied through Pegasus with the help of the company. It is possible that WhatsApp has issued a case against Israeli agency NSO Group in the US Federal Court yesterday. WhatsApp has alleged that the NSO group has targeted and spied 1400 WhatsApp users through its spyware named Pegasus. So far it has not been ascertained how many of these Indians were spies.

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