WhatsApp to Introduce Hindi Voice Note Transcription Feature, How It Works?
WhatsApp to Introduce Hindi Voice Note Transcription Feature, How It Works?

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow users to transcribe voice messages directly on their devices. Initially spotted in a beta update for iPhone, the feature is expected to be available for Android users as well.

According to WABetainfo, users will need to download an additional 150MB of app data to enable this feature. The transcription functionality relies on advanced speech recognition technology that operates locally on the user's device while maintaining end-to-end encryption.

Once the additional data is downloaded, users can read their voice messages instead of listening to them. This can be especially helpful in situations where playing audio is inconvenient.

Further reports from WABetainfo, citing WhatsApp Beta for Android version, reveal that users will soon be able to choose from five languages for transcription: Hindi, English, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish. After selecting a language, users will need to download the corresponding data package to enable transcription.

While the feature is currently available in beta versions, users will have to wait for WhatsApp's official release to start using the transcription service.

Improving Call Quality in Low Network Areas

WhatsApp has also announced a new update aimed at improving audio and video call quality in areas with poor network connectivity. The update introduces the MLow codec, a technology designed to enhance call reliability by improving noise and echo cancellation.

In regions with high-speed internet, video calls will benefit from higher resolution. Additionally, audio quality will be crisper even on older devices or in low connectivity areas.

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