RGV announces this before Corona song
RGV announces this before Corona song

Who does not know the famous singer and artist Ram Gopal of Tollywood in today's time, he always remains in discussions due to his films and songs. In June 2018, Ram Gopal Varma wanted to make a film on the outbreak of a virus in Mumbai. By Virus, the film titled 'Sang Sarkar' was to be produced by Parag Sanghi. For whatever reason, the project did not go on floors.

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Here's what the makers said about the premise of 'Makers': "The film is about an outbreak of a highly contagious unknown disease in Mumbai that is more dangerous than Ebola with a fatality rate of 100%. In the last 40 years. At least 10 new unknown dangerous viruses have been harvested, which means that any new disease can crop up anytime.

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RGV recalled the announcement on Friday and suggested that the film's story had "terrible similarities" with the current situation. The controversial filmmaker said, "I wrote a script on a deadly viral outbreak and tweeted my intention to make it on 10/6/18. Check the horrific similarity of today's events." To be fair to Coronavirus, in any country, its death rate is 100 percent, not in single digits.

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