Woman file case against ex-husband to court for allowing daughter to get a tattoo

Jul 30 2020 06:13 PM
Woman file case against ex-husband to court for allowing daughter to get a tattoo

A strange case has come out of Australia. An Australian woman took her ex-husband to court and did so because the husband had allowed his 16-year-old daughter to get the body tattooed. With just this much talk, this matter went to court. Bradley Victory was charged in Picton Local Court for assault with intent to cause bodily harm and for causing serious harm to a person and all of these charges were leveled by his former wife.

Bradley's ex-wife Nadene Rees made all these allegations against him. She prosecuted her ex-husband Bradley in a private case. In private litigation, you can file cases against others in Australian courts, there is no police prosecution in these cases. During this time, his daughter Casey Victory, who is now 17 years old. She supported her father in court. Casey said that there is no mistake of her father in this. It was her wish to get the body tattooed. She got these tattoos done on the occasion of New Year last year. Casey tattooed Dreamcatcher on her body, which is of Native American origin.

According to the law of the state of New South Wales, it is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 without written permission from parents or guardian. Counsel for father's side says that Casey had no contact with his mother for the last three years. Currently, this case will be brought to court again in September.

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