When Vidya Balan was called wretched in the industry, 12 films were lost from her hands.

Today is the birthday of Vidya Balan, who is popularly known as Uh La La Girl in Bollywood. Today Vidya is celebrating her 43rd birthday. Vidya has given many superhit films in her career which all of you must have seen. Vidya Balan is the most hit actress in the industry. Vidya Balan is one of the most versatile actresses in the industry today. She has made her mark in the Bollywood industry as a successful actress and the fans of her every act are convincing. However, there was a time when Vidya Balan did not get work in the industry. Yes, Vidya Balan's career started in the year 1996 with a comedy show named Hum Paanch.

Directly after this show, his acting in the film Parineeta won the hearts of the people. In fact, she was seen opposite Sanjay Dutt and Saif Ali Khan in this film and she became famous from this film. This film really changed his fate, but the journey between Hum Paanch to Parineeta was very difficult. Recalling her struggling days, Vidya Balan had told that 'There came a time in the industry when I started being called wretched and due to this, 12 of 12 films were snatched from my hands.' The actress had said in a shocking disclosure, 'I did Hum Paanch in 1996 and I started working in Parineeta in 2004. In between, I completed my graduation from St. Xavier and also did MBA. I thought that if nothing else, I would study. If nothing else, I will get a job and my parents also said that it is necessary to do graduation.

He further said, 'I did a Malayalam film in South with superstar Mohanlal and director Kaman. Their pair was very successful and famous there. They had done 8-8 films together and I was in the ninth film, but then they got into trouble. During this mess, he said that this fight has happened because of Vidya, he is wretched for us. At that time the word of mouth was very good during the first schedule of the film and I was selected for about 12 films, but after Mohanlal's film I had to lose all the films one by one because everyone thought Vidya's. Because of this, there should not be any problem in the film. Well today Vidya is a superhit actress. Now even though she is rarely seen in films, but people are convinced of her acting.

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