Follow These Tricks Recommended by Jaya Kishori When Anger Strikes, and Find Relief
Follow These Tricks Recommended by Jaya Kishori When Anger Strikes, and Find Relief

Jaya Kishori's name resonates as one of the nation's renowned motivational speakers and storytellers, with her videos often becoming viral sensations across social media platforms. Frequently engaging in interviews, she candidly shares insights into her personal life as well. In a recent interview, Jaya was asked, "What do you do when you get angry?"

To this question, Jaya responded, "I get angry at my own will. By 'will,' I mean I haven't handed over the remote control of my life to others, allowing them to provoke me and then walk away. When anger strikes, I react according to it. When I feel angry, I simply say, 'Don't mess with me.' I get angry. I cry. I feel sad. Then I calm down."

Further elaborating, Jaya remarked, "I won't lie, but I will speak such truths that will make you feel as if the earth is splitting apart and I am descending into it. If you think no one should behave like that, then the first step is for you not to behave like that yourself."

Jaya Kishori's response reflects a profound understanding of the importance of self-control and self-awareness in managing emotions, particularly anger. She emphasizes the need to take ownership of one's reactions and not allow external factors to dictate them. By acknowledging her emotions and expressing them authentically, Jaya demonstrates the power of vulnerability and honesty in dealing with anger.

In a world where emotional outbursts are often seen as a sign of weakness, Jaya's approach offers a refreshing perspective. Rather than suppressing or denying her feelings, she embraces them fully, allowing herself to experience the entire spectrum of emotions. However, she also recognizes the importance of regaining composure and not letting anger dictate her actions.

Jaya's message resonates with audiences seeking guidance on how to navigate the complexities of human emotions. Her emphasis on self-control serves as a reminder that true strength lies in mastering one's own reactions, rather than seeking control over external circumstances. By leading by example and advocating for authenticity, Jaya Kishori continues to inspire countless individuals to find peace within themselves.

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