Which river in India does not originate from Amarkantak Plateau?

1. China has recently revealed its plans to build the Polar Silk Road. In which ocean it will not be present?

A. Pacific Ocean
B. Atlantic Ocean
C. Arctic Ocean
D. Indian Ocean
Ans. D

2. From where will the Polar Silk Road proposed by China start?

A. Beijing
B. Dalian
C. Hangzhou
D. Shanghai
Ans. B

3. Which of the following countries is not a member of the Arctic Council?

A. Denmark
B. Canada
C. Australia
D. Faro Islands
Ans. C

4. Who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest?

A. Isabel Peron
B. Junko Tabei
C. Lhakpa Sherpa
D. Caroline Mikkelsen
Ans. B

5. Where is DRDO Skill Development Centre being set up for fire safety?

A. Kanpur
B. Sriharikota
C. Pilakhuva
D. Lucknow
Ans. C

6. Choose the correct statement about Chabahar port.

1. Chabahar is a port in southeastern Iran north of the Oman Sea.
2. It provides entry into Iran's International North-South Corridor and Eastern Development Route.
A. Only 1
B. Only 2
C. Both 1 and 2
D None of these
Ans. C

7. In which country has a law recently been approved to include a mother's name in children's IDs?

B. Australia
C. India
D. Afghanistan
Ans. D

8. Which country recently voted to ban full-face coverings like burqas in public places?

A. Denmark
B. Ireland
C. Switzerland
D. Norway
Ans. C

9. Where does the Ganga originate or originate?

A. Gangotri
B. Mansarovar Lake
C. Raksha Kund
D. Mount Everest
Ans. A

10. Which river in India does not originate from Amarkantak Plateau?

A. Narmada
B. Johila
C. Sone
D. Tapti
Ans. D

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