How to Address Bad Breath During Romantic Scenes: Bobby Deol's Condition Worsens While Shooting
How to Address Bad Breath During Romantic Scenes: Bobby Deol's Condition Worsens While Shooting

Bollywood actor Bobby Deol is riding high on the success of his latest film "Animal". Following the success of the film, his stardom has soared to new heights. Amidst this, an old anecdote related to one of Bobby's previous films is gaining a lot of attention. This incident dates back to the shooting of the 1997 film "Gupt". Approximately 23 years ago, in an interview given to Filmfare, Bobby shared his experience of working with Manisha Koirala.

Bobby also recounted an incident during the shooting of a romantic scene where Manisha's mouth had a strong odor. Reflecting on the incident, Bobby said, "Manisha and I got along well. However, we weren't close friends. During the shooting of the song 'Bechainiyaa', they needed to bring her face close to mine for a shot. As soon as the scene began, I started smelling a terrible odor from Manisha's mouth because she had eaten raw onions just before the shoot."

Despite the discomfort, Bobby managed to continue shooting. Later, he devised a plan to get back at Manisha, which didn't quite go as planned. Bobby revealed that he teased a co-star who was playing the role of a fighter in the film, and also his brother, to eat onions because both of them had to shoot a scene with the actress. This was meant to make Manisha uncomfortable during the scene. When they finally shot the scene, both Bobby and Manisha burst into laughter, but Manisha didn't react to the joke. Instead, it backfired on Bobby.

The incident serves as a humorous anecdote from the sets of "Gupt" and sheds light on the lighter moments experienced during film shoots.

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