Chant these mantras of Mahadev while performing puja on Monday

Mahadev is known as the deity of annihilation. It's been said. Mahadev is a kind figure with a rough contour. Mahadev is the Lord of the World's Origin, Status, and Destruction. One of the Tridevs, Mahadev, is known as the deity of devastation. Not only that, but Mahadev is regarded as the primordial and eternal wellspring of the creative process. Despite the fact that Mahadeva is regarded as a beneficent, he is constantly prone to both rhythm and catastrophe.

Today is Mahadev's day, which falls on a Monday. Mahadev is worshipped with full legality on this day. Their mantras are also sung at the same time. All of man's wants are realised, according to the scriptures, if Mahadeva fasts on Monday. There is a law in place on this day that enables people to worship both Mahadev and Goddess Parvati ji. Fasting Mahadev on Monday satisfies all of man's desires. On this day, people who fast should only eat once a day. A man of devotion must read Mahadev's aarti and tale. Mahadev's mantras should also be repeated at the same time. Let us read the Mahadev mantras that you should repeat as a form of worship.

Shivaji's mantras:-

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra:-
Om Trimbakan Yajamhe Sugandhi Suktivardhanam.
Urvarukmiv Bandhanan Mrityormukshya Mamritat.

Effective mantras of Lord Shiva:-
Om sadho jaataye namah.
Om Vam Devay Namah.
Om Aghorai Namah.
Om Tatpursai Namah.
Om Ishanaya Namah.
Om hirin haroon namah shivaya.

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