Ravages of Monkeypox escalated, these symptoms begin to appear as soon as affected

Monkeypox cases are getting to see a surge across the world and the real alarm bell has sounded in Europe. For the first time, a record number of Monkeypox cases are being registered here. So far, close to 100 Monkeypox patients have been found in Europe and taking this trend seriously, the World Health Organization (WHO) has held an emergency meeting. It is being said that many issues were discussed in detail in that meeting. The debate also remained on whether Monkeypox should be declared an epidemic. At the moment, Monkeypox has knocked hard in a total of 9 countries of Europe and in this list, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK are there.

Apart from all this, the rising cases of Monkeypox in the US, Australia and Canada have also raised concerns. However, amid these increasing cases, experts are assuming that this disease will not be able to become an epidemic because it does not spread as fast as the corona. It's also not easy to get infected. Recently, Professor Fabian of the Robert Koch Institute has said that it seems difficult that this epidemic is too long-lasting. Cases of this disease can be easily isolated and prevented in one place. The vaccine can also significantly reduce the effect of Monkeypox. However, the European chief of the WHO is more concerned about Monkeypox. He says that if people in Europe attend more parties, if they go on holiday in the summer, then this disease is likely to spread more.

The first case of Monkeypox in European countries was reported on May 7. The man also came from Nigeria. Most cases of Monkeypox are being found in African countries. In fact, cases have been increasing there since 2017, but the worrying trend is that now Europe has also joined this race. Some time ago, research is showing that the vaccine used against smallpox is also effective against Monkeypox. Up to about 85 per cent of that vaccine has been found to be effective and even in the hospital, the patients who are being admitted are not a serious target.

The symptoms of Monkeypox show symptoms such as fever, sharp headache, swelling, back pain, muscle pain and fatigue within five days of being infected. Monkeypox initially resembles chickenpox, measles or smallpox. However, one to three days after the onset of fever, its effect on the skin begins to appear. As soon as you see, the rash comes out on the body. Small rashes come out on the hands and feet, palms, soles of feet and face. These rashes look like wounds and themselves dry up and fall out.

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