Tantia Bhil was known as Tantya Mama also named as 'Indian Robin Hood'

You must have read or heard about more than one warrior in Indian history. Many revolutionaries did, in fact, give their lives for the benefit of the country. 'Tantia Bhil' was also involved in this. There was also a revolutionary known as 'Tantia Bhil' who battled the British and martyred for India.

Who was Tantia Bhil- Tantia Bhil is supposed to have been born about 1840 in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. Tandra Bhil was his true name. He was a famous fighter whose bravery earned him the moniker "Indian Robin Hood" by the British. Tatya Tope is reported to have mastered the 'guerrilla battle' after being influenced by Tantia Bhil, the hero of the country's independence and the hero of the tribals. He was a Bhil warrior who robbed the British and put an end to the poor's hunger. Tantia was a rebel who spoke out against the British policy of exploitation of the poor. That is why he became the poor tribals' Messiah. Tantibhil is still revered in many tribal homes in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh today.

Let me tell you that due of his rebellious nature, they gained a large following in a short period of time. Let us tell you that tribal uprisings started shortly after the Plassey War (1757) and lasted until the early twentieth century. Tantia Bhil had his nose in the British nose from 1857 to 1889. He would assault the British and then vanish like a parinde under his "guerrilla war philosophy." Tantia Bhil was also claimed to possess magical abilities.

With the use of these powers, he was able to convene simultaneous gatherings in 1700 villages. Even 2,000 British troops couldn't catch them because of their abilities. Few people are aware that they were also fluent in animal languages. On December 4, 1889, he was apprehended by the British and executed. The British dumped 'Tantia Mama's' body at Patalpani (Kalapani) railway station on the Khandwa railway line near Indore after hanging him. The mausoleum of 'Tantia Mama' is said to be located here.

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