Who is Uncle Sam? NCB soon going to reveal names of eminent personalities in drugs connection

Sep 30 2020 11:57 AM
Who is Uncle Sam? NCB soon going to reveal names of eminent personalities in drugs connection

While many things are coming out in the Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput's case, today we will talk about the big revealation of Bollywood where the name of a big person has come up in the drug connection. This person has been exposed to the call details and messages of Sara Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone. This person talked to them in code words. The name of that code word is from this person named Uncle Sam, he is going to reveal the names of big artists.

Uncle Sam is said to be a very big figure and two to four generations have worked in Bollywood. Giving drugs to new Bollywood actors and taking drugs, he made people drug addict in Bollywood.

There used to be big Bollywood parties where he used to smuggle drugs. There are many famous names who are said to be involved in the drugs connection. In the big revelations of Bollywood, there are some cricketers who used to take drugs.

NCB is investigating the person named Uncle Sam and how many Bollywood actors are involved, the names of all of them will be revealed soon. Three more big actors are associated with this person named Uncle Sam. According to media reports, NCB is exploring this and soon the names of these eminent personalities will come to fore.

NCB has come to know the names of these four people and soon NCB will make a big disclosure. It is a matter of shame that in this drug scandal of Bollywood, there are people who have been youth icons. Many people follow their lifestyle and learn from them, but when these people start doing such work, then what will be the effect on the public.

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