WHO recommends strong action for containment in Europe
WHO recommends strong action for containment in Europe

World Health Organisation has appealed its European members to take strong measures against the new strain of coronavirus circulating in UK. Outside of the United Kingdom, 9 cases caused due to the new COVID-19 strain have been detected in Denmark. One case has been found in the Netherlands while another has been found in Australia, Italy reported one case. 

WHO Europe spokesperson said, "Across Europe, where transmission is intense and widespread, countries need to redouble their control and prevention approaches". UK has made an open revelation that the new coronavirus was "out of control". UK which is highly affected by the new variant has announced Tier 4 lockdown in the country. WHO said that it was in close contact with the United Kingdom after a new strain of COVID-19 was found in the country, the organization tweeted, "They'll (UK officials) continue to share info & results of their analysis & ongoing studies. We'll update Member States & public as we learn more about the characteristics of this virus variant & any implications". 

The new strain reportedly is 70 per cent more infectious, but is not expected to be more deadly. Various other countries across the globe has cancelled its flights to and from UK recently with an aim to curb the spread. Not only the flight cancellation but also travel bans have been imposed through all modes. 

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