Know the benefits of using brass utensils at home

According to Indian tradition, keeping brass utensils at home is considered auspicious. In terms of health, the food prepared in brass utensils is tasty and boosts health. The brass vessel heats up quickly, reducing gas and other energy consumption. Brass utensils are also stronger than other utensils. Water placed in brass utensil provides immense energy.

Brass is a mixed metal. It is made by mixing copper and zinc. The religious colour yellow refers to Lord Vishnu. In Sanatan Dharm, brass utensils are used for worship and religious work. The Vedas section of Ayurveda states that brass characters are very much loved by Lord Dhanvantari. According to an account in the Shastra Mahabharata, Suryadev gave Draupadi as a boon, a renewable vessel of brass, which was characteristic that as long as Draupadi could provide food to as many people as possible, food was not reduced.

The importance of brass characters has also been mentioned in astrology and religious scriptures in many places. According to astrology, yellow colour like Suvarna and Brass also represents Devguru Brahaspati. Brass is also used to calming the planet Jupiter.

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