'Why Didn't 'Saddam' Urinate in Mosque if Mentally Disturbed?' - Caught After 200+ CCTV Footage, Incites Anger
'Why Didn't 'Saddam' Urinate in Mosque if Mentally Disturbed?' - Caught After 200+ CCTV Footage, Incites Anger

Dehradun: In Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, a shameful incident has come to light where a man urinated on the Harrawala Maa Kali temple to defile it and engaged in vandalism. The accused, Saddam, who was involved in the act of desecration, has been apprehended by the police. In the pursuit of him, the police examined over 200 CCTV footages, leading to his capture. Saddam was presented in court on Wednesday (November 13, 2023), and he has been sent to jail based on the registered case.

The police informed that Saddam Aarif Ali, a resident of Mehuwala New Nagar in the Patel area, is the alleged perpetrator. His family claims that he is mentally unwell, and he is currently undergoing treatment for his mental health at Selaqui Mental Hospital in Dehradun. The family has provided the police with a report attesting to his mental instability.

SSP Ajay Singh elaborated on the matter, stating that they have obtained medical reports confirming Saddam's mental health issues. However, despite this, he committed the act at the temple. Further investigations are underway to delve into the incident. SSP mentioned that they are conducting a thorough inquiry into Saddam's medical documents alongside the interrogation related to the crime. He emphasized that engaging in such activities at any religious site tarnishes the atmosphere of harmony.

Nevertheless, there is considerable dissent regarding the police statements. Critics argue that every time an individual from the Muslim community engages in such actions, they are conveniently labeled as 'mentally disturbed.' Social media users express skepticism about these statements, questioning why individuals involved in religious or jihadist incidents are consistently portrayed as mentally unstable.

As the case unfolds, there is growing discontent among the public, and various individuals are expressing their dissatisfaction with the situation. Netizens question the repeated characterization of Muslim individuals involved in such acts as 'mentally disturbed.' Online discussions highlight the need for a comprehensive and unbiased investigation into the incident.

To provide context to the incident, on the night of December 11-12, 2023, a person urinated outside the Maa Kali temple in Harrawala on the Dehradun-Haridwar road. Subsequently, the individual threw stones, causing damage to the temple. After a brief period, the person left the premises. The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras installed in the temple, and the footage went viral on social media. This triggered public outrage, leading to a gathering of people outside the temple. The police intervened to manage the situation. Following a complaint by Vinod Kumar, the local representative from Harrawala, the police registered a case against the unknown person and initiated an investigation.

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