Why do people do fake marriages to get visa? Know how to get benefit
Why do people do fake marriages to get visa? Know how to get benefit

Many people adopt various outlandish methods to obtain a visa for another country. When obtaining a visa is not easy, people are ready to do anything. They even go to the extent of engaging in a fake marriage for this purpose. But do you know why they do this? What is a fake marriage, and what benefits do they get from it?

When two people enter into a marriage purely for the purpose of obtaining a visa, it's referred to as a fake marriage. In this marriage, the two individuals are not entering into the bond to live happily and spend their lives together. Instead, they obtain a fake marriage certificate from somewhere and get a marriage visa in a foreign country.

Countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, and New Zealand allow spouses and partners to work. On the other hand, countries like Hong Kong and the United States only permit married spouses to work.

The CR1 visa is valid for two years, after which the visa holder must apply to remove conditions on their green card, making it permanent and valid for ten years. After the ten-year period, you can apply for a new visa.

In fact, family visas are easily obtainable in some countries, prompting people to resort to fake marriages. Countries that easily issue family visas include Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro, and Malta. In America, you can easily get a family visa in Antigua and Barbuda, Mexico, Belize, and Nicaragua. Asian countries where it is easy to obtain a residence visa include Cambodia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

In many countries, it is also possible to obtain a visa by marrying a resident of that country. Out of this temptation, many people pay residents of that country and engage in fake marriages. However, in many countries, after such fake cases come to light, appropriate actions are taken.

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