MBA after Engineering: Why students choose that?

Jan 28 2017 01:36 PM
MBA after Engineering: Why students choose that?

This year 20 candidates who have scored 100 percentile in CAT are all engineering students. This was very surprising as to why a student from a prestigious IIT go for a degree in management. Looking at the past years it have been seen that it has become a trend that the science students are moving towards management, most of the Common Aptitude Test toppers are from science stream.

The question arises why the students opt for MBA after doing Engineering?

They are already trained for exams like CAT

According to T Muralidharan, HR and author of various job-related books CAT is made such way that it is very suitable for engineering student. CAT tests an aspirant’s maths, English, logic and reasoning — all four sections that IIT students are trained for. They are made to have grasp on such subjects since the beginning. A lot of co-curricular activities keep happening in IIT that gives more exposure to them.

Engineering is a mad chase

In India college/ university’s rankings forms the basis of deciding student’s intelligence. So, if a science student clears Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) and gets admission in IIT, he has joined the elite club. Engineering degree have become a mad chase, it’s like first do engineering and then decide what you wish to do next in your life. Parents also pressurize students to go for engineering if he/she is good in studies. They are unaware about the other career options.

Better Reasoning Quality of Engineering students.

According to Rahul Sharma, CAT topper and IIM graduate Engineering students are quite good with maths and reasoning these courses help students get corporate offers. So they’re able to find good opportunities in the field of finance.

Prof Rajendra K Bandi, too, believes that students find education in management complementary to their engineering background. “Also students feel that an MBA qualification from a good institute will put them on a fast track mode in their career,” said he.

Money Factor
When an engineer, have a MBA degree his package shoots upto 18 lakh from 11 lakh. From the corporate world perspective, the market has always valued a good combination of techno-managerial skills that is why engineering students combined with management degree is a bonus.

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