Why is Akshay Kumar getting trolled even after apologizing? Know the reason
Why is Akshay Kumar getting trolled even after apologizing? Know the reason

Akshay Kumar, the famous actor of Bollywood films, has endured the problem for himself through an ad for a tobacco brand. Just then, after the ad came out, he got trolled a lot, and then he shared his apology on social media. In it, he apologized to the fans for the ad. But now the extent has become that people are also trolling Khiladi Kumar for his apology.

This apology of Akshay Kumar is going viral on social media. Many people were seen pinching it. People are speaking for the last time, say Juban Kesari. So many users raised questions about Akshay Kumar's not returning the endorsement fee. Akshay Kumar said in his apology that he will spend the fees he has received from Vimal Cardamom Ed on good deeds. That is, he will donate fees. It also said that brands can keep the ad on air until the legal period of the contract is over. These two statements of Khiladi Kumar are hurting the people.

The same person attacked Akshay for not returning the fees and wrote - Why don't you cancel the contract, why don't you tell the brand not to broadcast the ad. Why are you afraid to pay back the fees? Many people took a jibe at Akshay and said that he should donate the money received in the fees to the PM Cares Fund. Many people are demanding money from the actor in their accounts. One person questioned the apology and said- If he feels so bad, then return the money, brother, cancel the contract. Similarly, many people have trolled Akshay.  

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