Why is Deepak Kalal's video becoming so viral on social media?

Sep 13 2017 10:48 AM

Videos of a person on social media are becoming viral these days. People are making fun of these videos. The person who made this video is named Deepak Kalal. Deepak describes himself as a resident of Pune. His social media profile says that he is a traveler blogger by profession. 

According to media reports, Deepak also claims that he runs a hotel in Goa. Not only that, he has also invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come to his hotel in one of his videos. 

Deepak keeps telling about the things around him in his videos. He also has a YouTube channel. He has just posted four videos on this channel. Apart from this, he also has an Instagram account, on which he often posts his videos.

Deepak continues to express his love for Kashmir and Kashmiris in many of his videos. Recently, he has posted a video in which he is telling that he is going to Kashmir for a few days. The videos of the Deepak on the social media are becoming very viral. People are also making fun of the tone of his speaking.

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