Why is a mother called a child's first teacher?

The mother plays the role of the child's first teacher. This is the reason why in our society the first teacher of a child is always considered as the mother. Mother is the first teacher for the child in that world from whom he learns the first lessons of his life. In this article, we will know why mother is called the first teacher of a child.

Brief Introduction-
Children's education is very important in the life of a mother.
Therefore, many mothers do the first education of their children.
In this article, we will know why mother is called the first teacher of a child.
Mother is the first teacher of the child
Mother is the first to teach her children in the early days of life.
Through this education the child learns to communicate with its mother.
Mothers teach their children their own language, so that the child can communicate in their own language.
Along with eating and drinking, the mother also teaches the children the names of different things, which helps in the development of their vocabulary.
mother gives the best education
Mothers teach children not only through words, but they also teach a lot to children through their conduct.
Through her conduct, mother teaches her children some important qualities like morality, generosity, understanding etc.

Mother gives balanced education-
Mother gives balanced education to the children.
They develop the intelligence of the children so that they can go ahead and conduct their studies in a better way.
Mother Cognizes children according to their strength, power, special skills, willpower etc. and gives education accordingly.
Importance of mother's education as compared to other teachers
Other teachers give education to children in schools or coaching institutes.
They give education to the children according to the school curriculum.
The mother knows the children more about their problems or issues and can understand them better.
Mother knows how to address the children so that she can be successful in convincing the children.

Mother becomes a teacher-  Mother becomes a teacher only after giving birth to the child. They educate their children by singing songs, telling stories, playing games and other ways. The mother also communicates with the children to address their education. Benefits of education given by mother, education given by mother is important for the personality development of children. They prepare children to solve their problems. Mother helps children to get success in the society by giving them balanced education. After being educated by the mother, the future of children becomes even more bright, when children are educated at home, they have a lot of advantage in their future life. They are better prepared for success and their thinking is liberal.

Importance of mother's education-
Mother's education is the most important of all education.
The mother exposes her children to important issues of life such as tolerance in life, restraint, and understanding of others, the art of discriminating between right and wrong and others.
Mother's education is given on the basis of experience which helps in solving the problems in the life of children.

Girl child's first teacher-
Mother becomes the first teacher of the girl child for her daughter.
They expose the girl child to important issues in her life and prepare her to lead a successful life.
As the child's first teacher, the mother keeps her daughter with her and gives her her education.
Mother educated child becomes world fit
Children educated by mother are able to solve problems related to every difficult issue in the world.

Importance of Teacher: The role of a teacher is very important in the life of any person. Teachers not only give education to the children but also help them to get a positive position in the society. Teachers also help in the personality development of the children which is essential for them to achieve success in life. Hence, teachers play the role of a guide, friend and mentor for the children. For this reason mother is called the first teacher of the children .

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