Why is tulsi leaf added to food items during solar eclipse?
Why is tulsi leaf added to food items during solar eclipse?

The last solar eclipse of the year 2021 is going to take place on Saturday, 4th December. According to Indian time, the eclipse will start at around 11 am and last till 03.07 pm. According to astrology, the sun begins to swell about 12 hours before the eclipse occurs. The time from the time of the end of the eclipse is not considered auspicious. Therefore, it is forbidden to do puja lessons etc. and eat and drink anything. The cupboards of the temples are closed as soon as they are sutras.

In addition, tulsi leaf is added to the food items before the yarn starts. It is customary that what contains tulsi leaf is not unclean. It can be reused after the eclipse period is over. However, this time the eclipse will not be visible in India. Because of this, these rules of sutak will also not be applicable here. Nevertheless, it is a matter of wondering how to avoid the effect of soot and eclipse by adding tulsi leaves. Here's why tulsi leaves are not affected by suta.

Why tulsi leaf is added to food and drink:-
Scientifically speaking, the rays present in the atmosphere at the time of eclipse have a negative effect. At such times, if food or drink is kept open, or something is eaten or consumed at this time, the negative effect of these rays reaches that thing and harms our health. Since mercury is present in tulsi leaves. No rays have any effect on mercury. It is believed that at the time of eclipse, the negative energy coming from the sky and the universe becomes inactive as soon as tulsi approaches. Because of this, whatever tulsi leaf is added, the things that are added are avoided by the negative effects of the rays present in the atmosphere. So those things are considered pure.

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