You must read this story of Guru Pradosh today.

Like Ekadashi, pradosh vrat is also very much recognized. This fast comes twice every month, on shukla paksha and krishna paksha. This fast falls on the date of Triyodashi and is dedicated to Shivaji. It is believed that mahadeva is very happy to perform these fasts and fulfils every wish of the devotee. Shiva ji is worshipped during the pradosh period in this fast to be observed on the date of Triyodashi. Although there are many beliefs according to the area about the fault period, the fault period is generally considered to be one and a half hours after sunset. That is why this fast is also known as Pradosh Vrat. This time the fast will be observed on Thursday, 2nd December. On this occasion, know this story related to Guru Pradosh...

Read this story on the day of Guru Pradosh:-
There are different names of pradosh vrat according to the day of the week. When this fast falls on Thursday, it is known as Guru Pradosh. The story of Pradosh Vrat is also different according to each day. According to legend, there was once a fierce battle between the army of Indra and Vritrasur. The gods defeated the demon army. Vritrasur was very angry to see this. With demonic maya, he took a vicious form. Seeing this, all the deities were horrified and rushed to the shelter of Guru Jupiter. Then Brahaspati Maharaj said, "Let me give you the real introduction to Vritrasur first." Vritrasur is a great ascetic and a karmic man. He pleased Mahadev by performing extreme penance on Gandhamadan Mountain.

In the first time, he was King Chitraratha. Once he went to Mount Kailash by his plane. Seeing Mother Parvati sitting in mahadev's left limb there, he fasted to them. Hearing Chitraratha's words, Goddess Parvati got angry and cursed him to be a demon. Chitraratha was born out of the elevated penance of a sage named Authaar Tvasta, who received the demon vagina and became Vritrasur. Gurudev Brahaspati continued: Vritrasur has been a Devotee of Shiva since childhood. So Mahadev has to be happy to defeat him. For this, O Indra, you fast on the Fast of Jupiter Pradosh Vrat. Devraj obeyed Gurudev and performed The Brahaspati Pradosh Vrat. With the glory of Guru Pradosh Vrat, Indra soon conquered Vritrasur and there was peace in Devlok.

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